iCloud Help

The iCloud synchronisation between your Accounteer databases on different devices is a complex mechanism, and we have found during testing that it can sometimes appear to stop working.


  • Has the device you are using got an internet connection?
  • Is the device you are using logged into the cloud?
  • Wait a while. Most of the time iCloud propagation is fast, however iCloud is a busy place, and sometimes it takes more than a few minutes for changes to appear.

If you are sure that iCloud updates are not getting through you can try resetting the cloud database.

  • Determine which device has the most up to date Accounteer database.
  • In Accounteer settings switch off the cloud on the chosen device.
  • It is advisable to perform a database backup (again within settings) at this point.
  • Now switch the cloud back on again, selecting the option to override cloud data. This will reset the cloud connection and when you restart Accounteer on your other devices they will pick up the new data.