Backup Help

Backup your database

Go to Accounteer settings and select the database backup row. To retrieve the backup connect the iPhone/iPad to your computer, open iTunes and navigate to the filesharing section as shown below. This file can be copied off your device.

Budgeteer Filesharing


Restore will overwrite all data and cannot be undone. Take care!

Firstly turn off iCloud from the database section of Accounteer’s settings screen.

There must be a backup file present on the device before you can restore the database. This can be either a Budgeteer database or, if you used Bludget, your Bludget database can be imported to Accounteer.

Now select the restore option.

To import a Bludget database

Copy the Bludget.sqllite file from the Bludget filesharing section to Accounteer as shown below. Make sure you have updated Bludget to the latest version. Filesharing was only enabled in Bludget version 1.7.

Bludget filesharing